The Praying Church
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College Station, TX 77840
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These are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help you understand our Virtual Prayer Room:

  1. Is my prayer request kept confidential?  Your prayer request is made available to the prayer room intercessors for prayer, and is not published elsewhere by the church.
  2. How can I update a prayer request?  After submitting your prayer request, a confirmation number is assigned.  Use that number to "update" your request further, or provide answers to prayer.  We like to know how things are progressing.
  3. If someone else had my confirmation number, would they be able to see my prayer request?  No, your original request will not be shown to someone updating it.
  4. What if I have lost my confirmation number?  Simply submit a new prayer request and ask us to match it up with your original request.
  5. Who is praying for my request?  Prayer Team Intercessors are church members who are led by the Lord to pray for the needs of others, in Jesus name.
  6. Do I have to be a church member to leave a prayer request?  All prayer requests are welcome.
  7. May I remain anonymous in leaving a request?  Yes
  8. Will my prayer request be left in the prayer room indefinitely?  Prayer requests are retired 30 days after being submitted, or updated.
  9. Can I join the prayer room team?  Yes, please click on the "Become an Intercessor" button on our opening page and complete the short form.  We will contact you with information about our prayer room and its policies.
  10. May I contact someone on the church staff about a personal need?  Yes, please call Sam Smith at 979-314-1840.