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Become an Intercessor

If you are a member of our Church, and would like to be an intercessor in our Virtual Prayer Room, please submit the form below.  You will be contacted by a member of the Intercessory Prayer Committee.  Thank you for your availability to pray for the needs of others.

Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving. Colossians 4:2

Please read the  following covenants before applying to become a new intercessory prayer ministry partner.

Intercessory Prayer Partner Covenant Number 1

I make a covenant with the Lord and with the First Baptist Church of Altus that I will actually pray, in intercession, for the requests mentioned in the prayer list. I will not log in to simply read them without actually praying for these needs. This is a sacred duty and I commit my time and effort to the work of prayer, believing that God answers prayer. I will not share my user name and password with anyone else. I agree to help safeguard this vital ministry and protect God’s church and its reputation.

 Intercessory Prayer Partner Covenant Number 2

 I understand that I should not bring more grief or pain into the life of the ones for whom I am praying. I will not presume, assume, or theorize any outcome to any situation (for example, praying for strength for when their loved one dies soon). My role is to encourage and uplift through the ministry of prayer. I will also refrain from sharing my own pain or hurt as I communicate through prayergrams and other forms of communication with those on the prayer list.

 Intercessory Prayer Partner Covenant Number 3

I will not “take sides” in any domestic or family issues in the lives of those for whom I am praying (for example, praying that the judge will grant custody of children; praying for one to “win” over another in a divorce settlement). I recognize that such wording, in a communication from the church’s prayer ministry, could be perceived negatively as biased and partisan. I will simply pray for strength, God’s will, blessing, grace, etc. in such situations.

 Intercessory Prayer Partner Covenant Number 4

I understand that all communication will bear the name of First Baptist Church of Altus and thus be a representation of the church. I will not communicate in any way that brings shame or reproach upon God’s church. I understand that as a part of this intercessory prayer ministry I represent the church each time I send prayer cards, emails, or texts. I will be responsible for what I write in these messages and will seek to honor Christ and his church each time.

 Intercessory Prayer Partner Covenant Number 5

The prayer requests and information contained in the prayer list must remain confidential. It is not acceptable to talk about, share, or publicize this information in any shape, form, or fashion. As a participant in the prayer ministry, I make a covenant before the Lord and with the First Baptist Church of Altus that I will honor this confidentiality. I also understand that failure to keep this confidentiality will result in my removal from this ministry.